自1962年成立以来, ag8亚洲游已经成为一所拥有一千多名研究生和本科生的世界大学, offering the premier liberal arts-based, career-enabling curriculum in Europe. 今天, ready to build on these achievements, 大学以卓越的领导能力和跨机构的承诺不断提升,蓬勃发展. ag8亚洲游已经成熟,今天是世界上最具文化多样性的机构之一, 欢迎来自100多个国家的学生来到位于法国首都的特殊位置.

We have chosen to remain in the neighborhood of our founding, the 7th , which places us right at the center of a bustling, cosmopolitan European capital filled with art, 文化, 美食和历史. 学生能够 take advantage of over 200 partnerships 与著名的机构, such as the United Nations Environmental Program, 法国战争学院(学院英勇十字勋章)和国际商业传播者协会(International Association of Business communicator)——无论是通过课堂作业, internships or volunteer opportunities.

通过停留在第七,ag8亚洲游app下载保留了ag8亚洲游app下载的历史禀赋和ag8亚洲游app下载在巴黎市中心的位置. By maintaining and restoring an open campus, ag8亚洲游app下载鼓励学生通过与周围的人和地方的广泛互动来继续他们的教育. 封闭的校园和宿舍常常使学生远离“现实世界”, developing our urban campus is a concerted effort 做完全相反的事. 学生 are encouraged to see their education as a constant dialogue with the city of 巴黎; their learning process spills over into their explorations of the city, 国家和大陆,并与教授和同学进行进一步的讨论.