ag8亚洲游 Ascending: Fundraising for the Future

Today we are at a pivotal moment in our history. We are making a major investment in a new campus, 在ag8亚洲游app下载的创新研究中心, 在ag8亚洲游的学生和教师的社区中,他们使ag8亚洲游成为all大学都在寻求成为的典范:一个学习实验室,来自不同背景的学生和教授在这里学习, innovate and create across cultural borders. 的 ag8亚洲游提升活动 能否为ag8亚洲游app下载的战略重点提供资源.

ag8亚洲游’s overarching strategy for 2015–20 has three key objectives:

  • 联系教师和学生 在巴黎市中心建立一个统一的校园,提供理想的学习环境;
  • 连接学科 通过开设6个新的中心,为创新指导研究,将跨越课程, 反映ag8亚洲游app下载的使命,鼓励以新的视角看待世界上最大的挑战;
  • Connecting our worldwide ag8亚洲游 community to our campus community by developing deeper reserves of scholarship aid for qualified current students, and rewarding and recognizing our most talented faculty.

成功地支持ag8亚洲游app下载资本运动的三大支柱不仅是ag8亚洲游app下载的过去和未来的桥梁, it will also set ag8亚洲游’s course for the next five decades. 支持 ag8亚洲游提升活动 能否推进ag8亚洲游app下载培养属于世界的毕业生的重大任务, and whose leadership is profound and lasting.

Thanks to wise and committed presidential and board leadership, we are currently well placed to achieve our ambitions. 但现实是ag8亚洲游, 就像大多数海外美国大学一样, has a modest endowment and is still largely reliant on tuition revenues. In order to maximize our long-term stability, to broaden our academic reach and raise our academic profile, and to take advantage of our opportunity to purchase a new building in the 7th  that will be connected to our renovated 库姆斯学生生活中心, forming the core of our permanent campus, we have embarked on our first-ever capital campaign to raise €26 million.

ag8亚洲游app下载感谢家长、受托人、朋友和基金会的慷慨捐助 enabled us to move forward with the early phases of our campus renovation 通过资金更充裕的奖学金和旅行研究补助金来发展ag8亚洲游app下载学生的经济多样性. ag8亚洲游app下载重新开放了翻新后的格雷内尔教学和指导中心,并设立了四个新的研究中心, 还有一个公民媒体实验室, 这样ag8亚洲游app下载的学生和教授就可以在先进的跨学科研究上进行合作. ag8亚洲游app下载将继续依赖ag8亚洲游app下载日益增长的全球社区,为ag8亚洲游app下载的教学和学习社区提供必要的资源,以支持其思想的持续多样性, 文化和经验.