The 伦理委员会 is a standing committee of the Executive Committee. The Chair of the Executive Committee and the Chair of the 教师 Senate, 与教务长协商, 可否请三名教员服务.

The function of the 伦理委员会 is to uphold the ethical principles which undergird liberal arts education and The American University of 巴黎. The committee responds to requests from the Provost to hear specific instances where those principles may have been breached and reports to the Executive Committee.

2021-2022 成员s of the 伦理委员会 and their respective departments
成员 部门
安娜Russakoff 艺术史和美术参议院主席
奥利弗Feltham 历史与政治执行主席
谭雅的 传播、媒体和文化
斯蒂芬•索耶 历史和政治
Jula Wildberger 比较文学与英语