Part-time Studies


巴黎美国大学提供了以兼职学生的身份参加100多个本科课程的可能性,在一个可用的基础上. 你可以选择为学分而上课,也可以选择旁听不为学分而上课. You will not be able to change between the two options after registration. 



You may register for up to 11 credits per semester. If you register for more credits, you’re considered a degree-seeking student. Like all other ag8亚洲游 students taking courses for credit, 你应该按时上课, 完成指定的阅读和写作任务, 并采取考试. Grades will be reflected on University issued transcripts. 2021-2022年的学费是每学分1006欧元. 例如,一个4学分的课程需要4024欧元.



You may audit classes if you are not looking to earn academic credit. Auditors may also register for up to 11 credits per semester. Auditors may complete course assignments 和 take exams, but correcting their work is left to the discretion of the individual professor. 2021-2022年的审计师费率为每学分503欧元. 例如,一个4学分的课程需要花费2012欧元.



all申请兼职学习的学生必须成功完成中等教育,并满足他们在ag8亚洲游选择的课程的任何先决条件. 如欲申请,请提交以下文件:

  • 在线申请表格. Please complete an online part-time application on the ag8亚洲游应用门户.
  • 个人陈述
  • Transcripts. 在您的应用程序, 你将被提示提供最近就读的学术机构的非正式成绩单.
  • 课外活动及工作经历
  • 两封推荐信
  • 英语测试. 非母语为英语的人如果想要学习学分课程,必须提交以下标准英语考试之一(成绩不超过两年): TOEFL iBT (minimum 88), IELTS 学术选择(至少6.5), TOEIC Listening & 阅读(最低810)或 剑桥英语考试 (最低B2一级,B级或176级).



We ask that you include a personal statement as part of your application; you can upload your essay as part of your online application.



  • 有些学生有背景, identity, interest, 或者是那些非常有意义的人才,他们认为如果没有这些人才,他们的申请就不完整. If this sounds like you, then please share your story.
  • The lessons we take from obstacles we encounter can be fundamental to later success. Recount an incident or time when you faced a challenge, setback, or failure. How did it affect you, 和 what did you learn from the experience?
  • Reflect on a time when you questioned or challenged a belief or idea. 是什么促使你这样想的?? 结果如何??
  • Describe a problem you've solved or a problem you'd like to solve. 它可以是智力上的挑战, a research query, an ethical dilemma-anything that is of personal importance, 无论规模大小. 解释它对你的重要性,以及你采取或可能采取什么步骤来确定解决方案.
  • 讨论一个成就, 事件, 或者意识到激发了一段时间的个人成长和对自己或他人的新理解.

In addition to the essay above, in under 300 words, answer the following:

  • 巴黎美国大学最吸引你的地方是什么?你相信在巴黎生活和学习的经历会如何改变你?

课外活动 & work experience

Using the ag8亚洲游应用门户 you may submit your list of activities 和 work experience in .pdf format.


Online forms for your recommenders (teachers or professors) are provided in the ag8亚洲游应用门户.



We review completed applications in two rounds during the year. 随时欢迎你来申请, but admissions decisions will only be given after the first round.

Fall Admission
Review Rounds 应用圆的最后期限
Round 1 by 20 April
Round 2 by 21 August


Spring Admission
Review Rounds 应用圆的最后期限
Round 1 by 1 November
Round 2 by 5 January



当你收到录取决定的时候, you will be given instructions to confirm your attendance 和 select your courses. English, French, 和 lower level Math courses are not open to part-time students.

计划以非欧盟学生身份进入法国ag8亚洲游学习的非欧盟学生, are required to:

  • 与他们在当地的法国领事馆会面,以便让他们知道他们在法国的地位和计划;
  • 通过电子邮件向ag8亚洲游招生顾问发送书面反馈,以便清楚地解释法国领事馆签证部门告诉他们的事情.

We regret to inform part-time applicants that we cannot assist with visa formalities.

你需要取消吗, withdraw or change your status after you have registered 和 made payment, please 查看ag8亚洲游app下载的取消期限 和 联络教务处 in writing.

Please note that part-time students are not eligible for ag8亚洲游 financial aid.


Get in touch

ag8亚洲游app下载期待收到你的申请. 请不要犹豫 请求更多信息 ag8亚洲游的兼职学习项目.