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Official social media accounts

The American University of 巴黎 currently maintains an official presence on several social media channels:


Other social media accounts

The American University of 巴黎 encourages its community to interact on social networks. 为了这个目的, we highlight some of the most relevant and interesting channels from the ag8亚洲游 community:

Social media policy statement

The American University of 巴黎 (ag8亚洲游) uses social media as a place for prospective students, ag8亚洲游app下载, 校友与ag8亚洲游社区互动, 提问和讨论与大学有关的话题.

ag8亚洲游欢迎并鼓励来自社区的帖子, the university reserves the right to block individual accounts and/or remove comments, 链接, 任何原因从社交媒体网站的照片或其他内容, including but not limited to, harassment and personal attacks, derogatory or defamatory comments, vulgarity and profanity (including expletives and letters followed by dashes), 商业促销, 八卦帖子, 不当使用知识产权或版权材料, or otherwise inappropriate content.

除了, 链接 posted on ag8亚洲游 social media channels should not be construed as endorsement of organizations, 实体, views or content contained therein. Individuals are responsible for the content they view and post on any of The American University of 巴黎' social media sites. 通过在大学的任何社交媒体网站上分享内容, 个人理解并承认这一信息是公开的, ag8亚洲游可能会将该资料用于推广用途. Note that other participants may use posted information beyond the control of The American University of 巴黎.