We know that finding a well-equipped gym at an affordable price can be time-consuming and even frustrating. In order to help you with this tedious process, we have organized two membership 提供s for you.

  1. Aquaboulevard 离校园有20分钟路程的健身房吗. 作为ag8亚洲游的学生,你可以以折扣价享受健身房设施.
  2. 在巴黎有超过25家分店, Cercles de la Forme 提供s you a discounted rate to make the most of its wide range of classes and facilities.


 请务必保管好旧的卫生设备, 在进入任何健身房之前,这是强制性的. 订阅费不予退还, 如果你因为没有旧的卫生设备而不能进入设施. 为了了解如何获得通行证,请联系 健康atfx-binary.net .


Forest Hill 提供s you a gym deal at the heavily discounted price of only €200 per year or €130 for 6 months. 巴黎水上大道(Aquaboulevard 巴黎)是森林山(Forest Hill)的八大健身俱乐部之一, 有很多锻炼的可能性,比如健身, Cardio-Musculation, 网球, 桑拿设备, 还有壁球等等. 了解更多ag8亚洲游 水大道-森林山 在他们的网站上. 

按照说明报名 在这一页上

地址:巴黎75015号路易阿尔芒街4-6号. 从荣军院乘地铁8号到巴拉德.

Cercles de la forme

Signing up for our gym membership 提供 with Cercles de la Forme gives you access to 25+ clubs in 巴黎 that are open 7 days per week from 8am to 10pm. Included in your membership is the opportunity to use their wide range of fitness and cardio machines, 和教练一起制定个性化的健身计划, 并参加85个不同的体育类(舞蹈, 武术, 有氧运动, 尊巴, 等.)或全抗阻力训练. 了解更多ag8亚洲游Cercles de la Forme的信息 在他们的网站上.

两名学生的提供分别是每年320欧元和每6个月240欧元. 直接在网上注册并支付会员费.

报名只在9月和1月开放. Sign up during the Fall semester from September 25 - October 25 or in the Spring from January 19 to February 19. Once you have subscribed it may take 10 - 14 days until the gym access form (contremarque)交付. Subscribers will be notified by the 体育办公室 on their ag8亚洲游 email to come and pick up their form.

Please reach out to the 体育办公室 for more information about these membership 提供s or for advice on finding the right gym for you.