Each of ASM’s print platforms is managed by a team of dedicated students and faculty advisors to create professional-level products. 的y collaborate closely with ASM’s digital and video platforms, the Plume and Peacock Play.



孔雀》杂志 每学期都有一份印刷杂志是由学生记者团队制作的吗, 设计师, 和摄影师. 在学生编辑和专业教师顾问的指导下 孔雀》杂志 seeks to represent a diverse and international youth culture in 巴黎 through long form op-ed and investigative pieces, with a focus on a variety of topics that range from global politics to food and fashion. 拥有多样化的员工 孔雀》杂志 adds a global voice and perspective to the print media world in 巴黎 and beyond.

作为 孔雀》杂志, 学生在杂志制作中获得真实的经验, 从设计和布局, 写作, 编辑, 面试, 和调查能力.

孔雀》杂志 does accept freelance submissions, students are encouraged to take the magazine workshop course: 


This workshop trains students in magazine writing and production through hands-on experience working on a high-quality student magazine, 孔雀. 学生 participate in a newsroom setting in a variety of roles -- from writing and 编辑 to pagination and layout -- to produce 孔雀 in both print and online versions. 学生 will learn researching and writing techniques as well as how to interview and source stories for magazines. 的y will gain pre-professional experience preparing them for entry-level positions in magazine journalism – whether print publications or online magazines. 注:新闻实践最多可申请8个学分. 可能会被记两次.



孔雀杂志- 2020年春季

孔雀杂志- 2019年冬季


孔雀杂志- 2018年冬季

孔雀杂志- 2018春季