ag8亚洲游 Student 支持

新学校, 新城市, new language, new apartment: we know that while this is exciting, it can also be intimidating. No matter your question, no matter the time, we will be here: to give advice, to find the right phone numbers, to locate the correct addresses, 为了告诉你在凌晨的时候哪里能买到最好的派. We see you and we’ve got you.


健康 & 健康

的 health and wellness team 是为了确保你在学业和整体幸福感之间取得平衡吗, both physically and mentally. 照顾好自己是取得学业成功的第一步,而且应该永远是优先考虑的事情. 这个团队包括健康办公室的工作人员、校内的指导顾问和校外的治疗师.


Student Accounting 服务

Student Accounting Service (SAS) office 将帮助您导航通过all相关的账单和支付学费和费用. Unsure about which payment plan to choose? Confused about our refund policies? Curious about what financial aid services are available to you? Come see us anytime!


Student Immigration 服务

法国移民的来龙去脉看似不可逾越的复杂,但不必担心! ag8亚洲游app下载的 Student Immigration 服务 (SIS) team is ready and willing to help you figure out the paperwork, decipher the terminology, and prepare the right documents so that with appropriate visa in hand, you can move on to your next adventure. 


Sexual Misconduct Prevention

学校致力为all学生维持一个安全、友善的校园环境. We believe that no student, 工作人员或教职员应受到任何形式的不当性行为,在ag8亚洲游的校园. If such incidents do occur, ag8亚洲游app下载在这里支持你,并努力确保all有关不当性行为的指控都得到认真对待,并采取适当的纪律行动. 你可在此了解ag8亚洲游app下载处理不当性行为投诉的规则和程序 and about the next steps in the process.